Player Injury

Rathgormack GAA Player Injury Guidelines - Introduced March 2012
The club has put together the following guidelines regarding player injuries & the procedure to be followed should an injury occur while training or playing football for the club.


The following points are from the GAA`s own website;   


-       The Injury Scheme is funded entirely from Club and GAA funds with no outside (e.g. insurance) involvement.

-       Risk is an inherent factor in sport, as in life. When members voluntarily take part in Club Activities, they accept the risks that such participation may bring.

-       The Injury Scheme does not seek to compensate fully for injury but to supplement other schemes such as Personal Accident or Health Insurance. The Scheme only provides cover for unrecoverable losses up to the limit specified under the scheme.

-       Ultimately, the responsibility to ensure that adequate cover is in place lies with the individual member, commensurate with his/her specific needs.

-       Willis are retained by the GAA as professional claims handlers, and have responsibility for the day to day operation of the scheme.

Rathgormack GAA club will do its best to ensure that the players are not left with out of pocket expenses by claiming from the GAA Players Injury Scheme. All players must be paid up members of the club with a membership number in order to claim from the GAA Players Injury Scheme.

Team Manager Responsibilities

If the injury is sustained in a game then the TEAM MANAGER is responsible with notifying the referee of any injured players immediately after the game. This must be done on the day/evening of the game as referees are instructed not to take details afterwards.

Players Responsibilities

Players when injured should notify their team manager & follow during the course of their recovery follow the below steps.   

Step 1

If an injury is sustained during an official training session or match, the player must obtain a GAA claim form from the Club Injury Officer/Club Secretary.

The 1st 2 pages of the claim form (Section A) must be completed, signed & returned to the Club Injury officer/ Club Secretary within 50 days of the injury – there will be NO exceptions from this.

Under Section A of the claim form confirmation whether the injured member has any third party medical insurance must be completed to enable the claim to be assessed as the scheme only rovides cover for non-recoverable costs up to the limits of the scheme.

No matter what the injury is, a claim form must be filled out.

Step 2

Go to a Doctor/Dentist/and see what medical treatment they recommend you to get. You cannot get any medical treatment until it is prescribed by a doctor or a dentist.

Bring the remaining sections of the GAA Claim form with you & make sure they fill out Section E of the GAA claim form, get it stamped by the doctor or dentist and keep the medical receipt (stamped).

Step 3

Get the recommended medical treatment and keep all receipts.

Step 4

Fill out the remaining sections of the GAA claim form. For medical expenses (hospital bills, physio receipts), Sections E & F must be fully completed and signed by the appropriate persons; medical receipts (stamped) are required, NOT invoices.

For Loss of Wages, as well as Sections E & F, Section C & D (employed) or Sections B & D (self-employed) must be completed; even though a claimant may not have received Social Security they must get a letter confirming whether they are entitled to any or not. The form goes through loss of wages etc.

Loss of Wages claims:

• Three recent payslips dated prior to the injury or a letter from the injured member’s employer on company headed paper confirming the injured member’s basic nett pay (stating weekly or monthly).

• If self-employed, a letter from the injured member’s Accountant on company headed paper is required confirming the nett basic earnings for the three months prior to the injury.

 If the self employed claimant has no accountant the relevant information must be submitted by their solicitor/tax advisor. In addition, if a substitute worker has been employed a letter from the Accountant on company headed paper confirming the cost is required.


The claimants Membership Number must be supplied on the claim form in section F.

Step 5

Contact the Club Injury Officer/Club Secretary with the filled out forms and receipts. Club Injury Officer/Club Secretary will then complete the form (Section F, including obtaining the signature of the County Secretary) and send it in to Willis. Willis will not deal with the player directly.

• If a player returns to play after an injury and he is reinjured, a new claim form must be submitted.


Payment of Injury Expenses

The “excess” of the injury scheme is 100 euro and the club will pay this once the correct procedure has been followed. The club will seek to recover the remaining costs from Willis who in turn will pay the rest to the player (through the Club).

The player must pay the costs first and the club will reimburse these costs to the player.

Rathgormack GAA will not honour any private payment arrangements between the player and physiotherapist unless sanctioned by the club. The quicker the player fills out the form and completes the steps the quicker the costs are recovered.

Due to changes in the GAA injury scheme the GAA club now has to pay all physiotherapy claims unless medically prescribed post operative.  Rathgormack GAA Club will pay a maximum of €35 per physiotherapy sessions.

For further information contact the Club Injury Officer/Club Secretary.

Club Injury Officer 2012 – John Crotty 086-8842803
Rathgormack PRO,
Dec 19, 2017, 8:37 AM