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Club Notes- 20th June 2011

posted Jun 20, 2011, 2:33 AM by Unknown user

Senior Football

We play Gaultier this Tuesday night, 21st June at 7:30 P.M. at home in our final league match. A win here would still leave us in with a chance of qualifying for the league semi-final, depending on other results.

We play St. Saviours in the semi-final of the Phelan cup on the following Tuesday night, 28th June, at 7:30 PM at a venue to be decided.

Senior Football Championship

As has been widely publicised the full round of senior football championship matches scheduled for this coming weekend, has been called off by the county board following a request from the Waterford senior hurling management team. This is very disappointing for the large number of people involved with football in the county, especially when all clubs were informed at the start of the season that the fixtures were set in stone and that they would not be changed for any reason.

The 2nd round match will now be played on either the weekend of the 24th or 31st July, depending on the result of the Munster senior hurling final. The 3rd round, which was due to be played on the 24th July, is now scheduled for the weekend of the 28th August, again depending on the progress, or not, of the county senior hurlers. All of this uncertainty makes it very difficult for clubs to organise the preparation of its teams, not to mention for people to organise holidays & other aspects of their life around their sport.  

It appears that the county board officers do not have “any word” when it comes to such matters. When you view this alongside the farce that was the voting on the structure of the senior football championship at the start of the year, when the clubs voted in favour of two 6 team groups, instead of three 4 team groups, before a re-vote was called for by the county board officers, & somehow the result was overturned, you would wonder if the county board officers have the best interests of all GAA members in the county, both football & hurling, at heart. John Kiely from Kilrosanty, spoke very well on the matter on WLR last Saturday, when he pointed out a number of things that are going on which are inhibiting the development of football in the county. Its time to remind the county board that Waterford are not, & never will be, Kilkenny. We have a vibrant football scene in Waterford that is the equivalent of a lot of counties in Ireland, & just because we are not in a position to win All-Ireland’s, doesn’t mean the county board & the whole GAA organisation in the county shouldn’t give football it’s full support. Perhaps its time that we had a separate football board as they have in Tipperary & some other counties, whose sole interest is in supporting football in the county. The current situation cannot be allowed to go on without some changes taking place.

Munster Final Tickets

Anyone who is interested in buying tickets for the Munster senior hurling final between Waterford & Tipperary should get orders in to club secretary, David Vaughan this week.