2012-2017 Strategic Plan















A Chara,

It gives me great pleasure as Chairman to present to you on behalf of Rathgormack GAA club our strategic development plan for the years 2012 it 2017.

The plan is both practical and achievable and covers various areas from coaching and development to communications and administration.

In the next five year’s, Rathgormack GAA Club will continue to grow as an organisation, both on and off the field. This plan can only be implemented with the continued hard work of the committee and the support of our many supporters in our parish.

The next five years holds many challenges for our club, but with this plan as a reference point, we can ensure that at the end of this term our club will be in a stronger position to compete at all levels of Gaelic football in our county.

Finally, I would like to thank the sub-committee who worked so hard to bring this plan to fruition and look forward to working with all members in its implementation.


Mise buiochas le gach duine

Is Mise,





Joe Murray                  Declan Hahessy                      Kenny Hassett
John Crotty                 Ger Power                               Bridget Gough

The committee would like to acknowledge the advice received from our facilitator, Tina O’Brien, and also the help of Waterford County Board Development advisors.


Football was played in the village of Rathgormack before the foundation of the GAA in 1884.  It was one of the first parts of the Deise to be affiliated to the new national sports organisation that came into existence.  In the late 1880’s the club was officially known as the “Clodagh Campaigners”.  County Senior Football Honours came Rathgormacks way in 1909 and again in 1910, 1912, 1913 and 1918.

The club went a number of decades without senior success but did win the 1934 Junior Title and in 1935 brought home the first County Minor Football title to the parish.  The club went into a sharp decline in the 1940’s but came back again with a flourish and with their neighbours from Windgap, produced many a great football team in that era.  Real revival signs occurred in the 1960’s, and in 1964 Junior Football County Honours came back to Rathgormack.  During the 70’s Intermediate triumph was achieved.  The club did not always confine itself to football and during this period boosted some fine hurling teams winning Divisional Honours at junior level in 1977 & later in 1988.

The Club acquired its own property in 1982 & it was declared officially open on the 2nd June 1984 (Centenary Year).  1984 was a memorable year on the field with the club winning the County Intermediate title to regain its Senior Status, which it has maintained since.  In the 1990’s the Club concentrated solely on football while its sister club, Clonea, concentrated on hurling, with both clubs continuing to assist each other in both codes.

The Club regained the senior football title and brought home the Conway Cup after a lapse of 9 decades in the 1990’s with County Final wins in 1995, 1996 & 1999.  Nowadays the club lends its support to a successful Ladies Football Team, Comeragh Rangers.  In 2005 the club grounds were extensively re-developed and officially named and dedicated to the memory of one of the clubs most dedicated sons, the late Johnny Curry – his contribution to the club and association remain immeasurable.




County Championship Honours


County Senior Football                       1909,1910,1912,1913,1918,1995,1996,1999            
County Intermediate Football             1974,1984                                                              
County Junior Football                       1934,1964,1999,2011                                            
County U21 Football                           1989,1991,2011(A), 1994 (B)                                   
County Minor Football                       1935 (A), 1987 (B)                                                       
County U16 Football (B)                    1990,1991,1996,2008,2009,2011                                   
County U14 Football                            1975(A), 1997,1999,2009 (B), 1989 (C)                
County U12 Football (A)                       2002                                                                               
County U11 Football (A)                       2007

Eastern Divisional Honours

Eastern Intermediate Football                1965,1972,1974,1984                                                           
Eastern Junior Football                            1932,1934,1964,1999,2007,2009,2010,2011          
 Eastern U21 Football                            1989,1991,1992,1999,2000,2001,2005,2008,2010,                                                                                                                           2011 (A), 1994 (B)                                                 
Eastern Minor Football                          1997,2001 (A), 1987 (B)                                           
Eastern U16 Football (B)                      1987,1990,1991,1996,1997                                           
Eastern U14 Football                              1975 (A), 1984, 1997,1999,2009(B), 1989 (C)        
Eastern U 13 Football                              2008(B)                                                                      
Eastern U12 Football                              2002 (A),1991,2009 (B)                                                  
Eastern Junior Hurling                            1971,1977,1978,1988

Tournament Winners

Phelan Cup                                              1997,1999                                                                   
Kill Senior Football                                2005                                                                            
Cloneen Senior Football                         1975                                                                          
Bonmahon Senior Football                     1978                                                                                    
Nire Senior Football                                1982                                                                            
Rathgormack Senior Football                  1984,1988                                                             
Grangemockler Senior Football               1985                                                                                   
Sliabh gCua                                             1985

County Football Leagues

Division 1                                            1997,1998,2002,2003,2005,2008                                   
Division 2                                       2005



The GAA’s values are at the heart and soul of our Association.  In every club around the world they are what bind us, what makes us unique and what attracts more and more players, members, volunteers and supporters.

The GAA is a community based volunteer organisation promoting Gaelic games, culture and lifelong participation and friendship.

Our vision is that everyone in the parish of Rathgormack and Clonea has the opportunity to take part in our games, to grow and develop within our club and keep a lifelong engagement with our association.

The values of Rathgormack GAA club are at the heart of our community.  We endeavour to enrich the community by our actions and deeds.

The club is a volunteer led organisation and aims to provide games programmes for all our players at all levels.  We welcome everyone in our community to be involved in our club and we are anti-sectarian and anti-racist.

Finally, we respect all our opponents, both on and off the field, and strive that our club operates with integrity and honesty.  We respect the views of all players, mentors, officials and supporters who are members of Rathgormack GAA club.



·              Coaching and games sub-committee to be set up by March 2012.


·              Draw up a code of conduct for all juvenile players and coaches by 2012.


·              To make sure all club coaches are Garda vetted.


·              A club nursery programme to be put in place by February 2012.


·              To maintain and enhance our relationship with both schools in our area throughout the next five years.


·              To run a Coach Education programme starting in 2012.
Aim for 2 people per year to attend Award 1 course.


·              Explore possibility of building a relationship with football clubs from other counties.


·              To have a referee at adult level within 5 years.




Our club excels in its administration.  We have the structures in place appropriate to the club’s needs.  Our club executive is vibrant and will be looking to increase members over the next five years.


·              We will adopt the GAA constitution.  Our club will administer in accordance with this constitution.

·              We will appoint a coaching and games sub-committee, & we will recruit new volunteers to sit on this committee who have particular talent in this area.

·              We will review the implementation of the club plan every 6 months.

·              We will put in place an alcohol and substance abuse policy to make sure that our club is following the best procedure practices regarding the use of these substances within the club.

·              All Players and members to be registered on the GAA online registration system.  All teams affiliated to the player injury fund.

·              All club property vesting documents in order and club trustees up to date, to safeguard all of the clubs property.


In 5 years’ time we will be able to say that our players and members continue to enjoy the best possible facilities both on and off the pitch.

·              Ensure that the club complies with relevant Health and Safety legislation and that a copy of Health and Safety documents are available.

·              Maintain the club grounds to a high standard and ensure playing surface is maintained and repaired as necessary.

·              Purchase of a new grass mower by May 2013.

·              Continue to avail of FAS workers in the maintenance of club facilities.

·              Increase lighting in car park area by March 2012.

·              Ensure appropriate signage is in place in the vicinity of club grounds.

·              Permanent car park surface and markings to be in place by May 2017.

·              Improve gym facilities over the course of the plan.



Our club is committed to the financial excellence required to support the continued development of the club, both on and off the field.


·              Bank statement to be sent to designated committee members other than treasurer.  March 2012.

·              Club to prepare a budget for each year and the fundraising events required to meet that budget. February 2012.

·              Target members outside of executive committee to organise fundraising events.

·              Development fund set up for future projects within the club.

·              Main fundraising events (present)

o       Deise development draw

o       Annual race night

o       Annual membership

o       Bag packing


·              Fundraising initiatives (future)

o       Scrap metal collection

o       Music nights

o       Joker pick

o       Sports prediction


Our aim over the next 5 years is to improve the links of communication within our club, to maintain and improve the cultural side of our club and to ensure that all members of our community are aware of everything that is happening within the club.

·              All club members to be notified of all major events involving the club using new “GAA email solution”. -  July 2012.

·              Group text messaging to be used to communicate to players and members. - March 2012.

·              Weekly club notes to be maintained and improved in local media.

·              Club website to be maintained with up-to date information and results.

·              Rathgormack GAA club will set up a Facebook page to convey information to club members and the community at large.

·              Promote the wearing of club gear by club members and their families.

·              Club to enter Scor competitions at some level by September 2013.